Integral repair of dam drainage systems.

Integral repair of dam drainage systems.

Accumulation of sediment, whether gradually or due to extreme events, is undoubtedly one of the greatest problems for dams and reservoirs during their lifespan.
Silting of outlet and intake piping, including spillways, leads to huge operating difficulties and reduced safety because controlled releases of water are impossible during spate events.
Added to the above, regular opening of outlet system is the operator’s main tool for controlling sedimentation levels, so any blocking generates a vicious circle which accelerates the process.
Inhisa Hidráulica, as a specialist in comprehensive renovation of dam outlet systems, has worked on numerous jobs to recover piping plugged by several metres of sediment. As a result, the company has developed and successfully used its DRACON (sludge dredging and containment) system. This enables controlled dredging of an area to provide safe access to intakes, so freeing the pipes and working to make them operational again, so increasing infrastructure safety levels and recovering the ability to control sedimentation.


El Grado Dam

Successful installation of two stoplogs in the bottom outlets in the El Grado Dam. INHISA HIDRÁULICA S.A. C/ALBASANZ 25, MADRID (SPAIN) TLF. +34 91 685

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