The value of experience


The value of experience

We have been the leading Spanish R&D&i company in design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and restoration of all types of hydro-mechanical equipment for dams for over 60 years.

We specialise in dam restoration and have extensive experience of renovating bottom outlets, intakes, spillways and replacing hydro-mechanical equipment for safety and regulation applications. Our work also focuses on underwater sealing techniques, so work can be performed without needing to empty the reservoir, and on boring new ducts under load for bottom outlets, middle bottom outlets and intakes for power generation, water supply or energy flows. 

We design, fabricate and supply valves and gates, as well as other equipment such as floating intakes, pontoons, shields and dredging and sludge containment systems.


We aim to be the leading company in the water works sector in Spain and abroad, contributing our know-how to future water works projects, supported by our technical team and extensive experience.


Our main values are innovation, creating added value, developing our team, institutional loyalty, respect for the environment and guiding clients to the best solutions.


To create added value and make a difference, to innovate in the water works sector and to design and fabricate solutions and equipment with long, maintenance-free lifespans.


INHISA HIDRÁULICA S.A. is committed to innovation, developing, testing and patenting new equipment to enable improvement in the water works engineering sector.


Leaders in R&D&i

INHISA HIDRAULICA specialises in the following equipment: