Full renovation of the bottom outlet


Renovation of the bottom outlet for the Tercero River Dam in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. The complexity of this work called for an interdisciplinary project which included underwater work at great depth, the design and supply of very large hydro-mechanical equipment and the execution of civil works under unusual conditions.

Work started with pipe plugging by introducing shields designed and fabricated by Inhisa Hidráulica S.A., which required underwater work at a depth of 40 metres.

The pipe was also lined by installing Ø2500 mm piping.

Finally, the hydro-mechanical equipment was renovated in full, supplying two wagon-type gates for safety, with capacity for closing under unbalanced loads without the need for power, and the supply of two Ø2500 mm flush bottom circular gate valves (VAP®) for safety and flow regulation. 

All of this work provided the dam with a new operating capacity for the bottom outlet under safe conditions and with the certainty that it will function smoothly for many years.