Hinged flap gate for safety or to regulate large flows in closed pipe systems.

Hinged Flap Gates for closed pipe systems are flat gates with a panel hinged at one side with a rotation shaft attached to the pipe body or gate body. INHISA HIDRAULICA Flap Gates seal with neoprene of 65 Shore hardness on the gate and stainless steel lateral fixed parts.

INHISA HIDRÁULICA Flap Gates are designed to act as a fail-safe seal in large pipes and can guarantee closure under gravity as an alternative to the traditional butterfly valves in penstocks for hydroelectric power stations.

One of the main advantages of this equipment, which is installed in pairs, upstream and downstream gates with opposite opening and closing directions, is that it occupies only a little more space than the pipe system where it is to be installed and can be inserted and installed as modules, making these gates a great water works solution for installing inside tunnels.

Flap gates are driven by a hydraulic cylinder which transmits the rotational movement to the panel through a torsion shaft.

“Flap”-type gates for pipe systems are composed of the following main elements:

  • Panel
  • Rotation shaft
  • Gate body and fixed parts
  • Waterproofing
  • Drive device


INHISA HIDRÁULICA S.A. designs “Flap”-type gates according to the following principles:

  • Ensuring fail-safe closure under their own weight (without power)
  • Sealing system using neoprene of 65 Shore hardness – stainless steel (fixed parts)
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Stainless steel rotation shafts