A flat roller gate for safety or to regulate large flows in spillways, bottom outlets and intakes.

Wagon-type gates are flat gates where the panel is supported by and moves on wheels installed symmetrically at both sides of their supporting frame. These wheels transfer the gate hydraulic load to the runways fixed to the civil works. If the panel needs to withstand high loads, trolleys with independent wheels can be provided to improve load transfer by distributing the forces over several wheels.

Flat “wagon”-type roller gates are made up of the following main elements:

  • Panel
  • Wheels and rotation shafts
  • Fixed parts
  • Waterproofing
  • Drive device


INHISA HIDRÁULICA S.A. designs flat “wagon”-type roller gates according to the following principles:

  • Ensuring fail-safe closure under their own weight (without power)
  • Sealing system using neoprene of 65 Shore hardness – stainless steel (fixed parts)
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Maintenance-free self-aligning roller bearings, ensuring ideal wheel support
  • With balancing by-pass system built into gates for bottom outlets
  • With discharge at the top in channel or spillway wagon gates to ensure proper operation and maintenance in case of overspills, with the discharge designed so that the sheet of water or possible floating debris do not impact the gate structure.
  • The drive can be included in the gate body.