Stoplogs and sealing systems for plugging and isolating bottom outlets and intakes in dams.

The Stoplogs and Sealing Systems designed and manufactured by INHISA HIDRAULICA S.A. are specifically planned for each occasion and geometry and can be fabricated flat, truncated cone-shaped, circular, solid or with neutral buoyancy.Stoplogs are always designed and calculated according to standard, with the collaboration of specialists in underwater installation of equipment and under the strictest safety criteria.

For an improved final stoplog design, adjustable models are designed for size control before introducing to the pipe.

Stoplogs and Sealing Systems are made up of the following main elements:

  • Body
  • Closure system
  • By-pass system

INHISA designs Stoplogs and Sealing Systems according to the following principles:

  • Ensuring closure of the pipe for safe working.
  • Sealing system using neoprene of 65 Shore hardness
  • With neutral buoyancy where necessary
  • The size of the pipe or opening is controlled beforehand using existing drawings, physical gauge and sonar measurement systems.