This equipment defines a sampling station for taking water samples from the supply network in urban centres, for subsequent analysis and quality control of consumer water supplies.

It also delivers pressure to the supply network through a pressure gauge.

Furthermore, an electronic data capture device (“DATA-LOGGER” or similar) can be used to collect, store and supply pressure records for a given time period for subsequent analysis. Graphs of pressure against time can then be created with a computer application and used to optimise the relevant network.

The equipment can be dismantled, facilitating both maintenance work and replacement of its components as required.

The design detailed below resolves the problems mentioned, providing modern aesthetically-designed equipment which is easy to repair and maintain.

Water samples are taken directly from the supply network, so the water for analysis is in the same condition as the water consumers receive.

These samples enable monitoring of water quality for consumption, analysing a variety of parameters such as pH, chlorine level, O2 level and the presence of other chemical or bacteriological elements.

The control station can also fulfil other functions. As an option, it can be used as a public fountain, as the water extracted is potable because it comes from the same pipes that supply water directly to consumers. Its casing can also be used to add advertising or information boards to improve integration into the urban setting and/or to provide other uses and added functions.