Coarse and fine trash racks for all types of pipes and geometries.

The Trash Racks designed by INHISA HIDRÁULICA S.A. are made from carbon steel or stainless steel according to the design criterion for each project.

Trash racks are designed and calculated according to needs for protecting equipment downstream of them, involving studying the quantity of possible objects that could impinge on the trash rack, considering a plugging coefficient for the calculations. They are calculated and designed to minimise head loss, taking possible vibrations of the trash rack structure into account to avoid these and, consequently, any of the problems they could create.

The racks are made up of the following main elements:

  • Trash rack bars
  • Reinforcements
  • Attachment to the civil works or existing structure
  • Optional trash rake

INHISA designs Trash Racks according to the following principles:

  • Guaranteeing pipe safety with calculations according to standards and established design criteria
  • Applying the corresponding surface protection depending on the environment to ensure they remain in good condition without maintenance over a long period of time.