Electrical panels and desks for actuation, command and control of valves and gates.

Electrical Equipment for command, control and signalling of valves and gates is designed so that the operations and status of all installed valves can be seen in a single place. Comprising a metal desk, enamelled and silk screen printed with the facility synoptic chart or operating touch screen, displaying operation on the front panel and the operating using the button pad on the horizontal panel.

The piston rod usually installed by INHISA is chrome-plated 431 stainless steel, machined for optimum sliding and durability. Hardened and tempered stainless steel piston rods can also be installed for highly corrosive environments.

Various configuration options are available on request for the electrical command and control panel.

Operation can de designed with relays or a PLC.
Command and Control equipment is made up of the following main elements:

  • Desk or cabinet
  • Facility synoptic chart or touch screen
  • PLC
  • Voltage-free terminal block
  • Control relays
  • Automatic switches
  • Heating element

designs Command and Control Equipment according to the following principles:

  • Ensuring top quality cables, relays and switches
  • IP55 or greater protection from corrosion and water ingress on request
  • Position and control transducers can be fitted
  • Operation can be programmed
  • Designed to be operated remotely