The “VAM” (Multifunctional Automatic Suction Pad) suction pad installed in a hydraulic pipeline permits both the expulsion of air in the pipeline fill phase and allows air to enter freely in the empty phase.

VAM® (Multifunctional Automatic Suction Pad) installed in a hydraulic line, it allows both the expulsion of air in the filling phase of the line, and its free entry in the emptying phase. It is especially suitable for assembly in areas downstream of dam inlet and outlet valves, as by filling vacuums in valve obturators with air during partial openings, it prevents cavitation

The (Multifunctional Automatic Suction Pad) VAM® are made up of the following main elements:

  • Body
  • Floated
  • Guide shaft
  • End of run anchor
  • Float
  • Brake (optional)